Drummer. Percussionist. Songwriter.

Martin Ditcham has been involved in world class recordings and perfomances for over three decades. Collaborations have included
The Rolling Stones, Sade, Elton John, Talk Talk, Tina Turner, Everything But The Girl, U2, Mary Black, Diana Ross, Brian May,
and Chris Rea. The song The Sweetest Taboo was written by 
Sade Adu and Martin Ditcham and was first released by Sade in 1985.



October 2020:

Martin is currently recording in Belem, Brazil at Estudio Apce with master producer/engineer Assis Figueiredo!


Activities over the last year or so include: Touring and recording with Chris Rea, Mary Black, David Knopfler and German Superstar Marius Westernhagen amongst others.



Recording The Sweetest Taboo with SADE-

"Martin [Ditcham] and Dave [Early] were in the studio, both sitting at cafe-type tables, and Dave was blowing across the top of a bottle [referred to as 'porky pipes' on the song's track sheet] while Martin was tapping on a couple of glasses with a fork, all miked with a pair of 87s facing away from one another. The two of them were hyperventilating, falling about laughing, and we had to gate out a lot of their laughter. This went down live, without any sampling, and it worked really well on the track, as did some rain on the intro and outro that came from a sound-effects record, and the thunder that we created by turning up the reverb on a Roland amp and dropping it gently from a couple of inches off the ground. The coils were all twanging, so it was definitely an impressionistic type of thunder, whereas when the band toured they used actual thunder sound effects."


Assis Figueiredo & Martin Ditcham
SADE on Apple Music

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